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Addiction Intervention in Illinois
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Addiction Intervention in Illinois

When a person you care about develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel helpless and unsure of what to do to help them. You may want them to begin treatment at an Illinois rehabilitation center but are unsure as to how to approach the topic. Something you can do to encourage them to seek professional care at an addiction facility is to execute an addiction intervention in Illinois. Yet, before you conduct an addiction intervention in Illinois you must become knowledgeable on the subject.


What Is Addiction Intervention in Illinois?


An addiction intervention in Illinois is a way to confront a person with a substance abuse problem in a non-threatening way. The primary idea is to get the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to realize that they are suffering from an addiction and to change their beliefs about themselves, their substance use and abuse, and to change their patterns of behavior, ultimately for the good. An addiction intervention in Illinois can take many forms and should be carefully thought-out and planned before attempted.


How to Conduct Addiction Intervention in Illinois


Conducting this process should not occur spontaneously or spur of the moment, it is a process that should be carefully thought out and planned. If you do not plan it out, you and the person with an addiction may be blindsided. They will be blindsided with the intervention as a whole and you will be blindsided with their reactions to the process. Planning ahead allows you to make contingencies for all adverse reactions so that you react appropriately should these issues arise.


Conducting an addiction intervention in Illinois is best done with more people than just you and the addict. As previously mentioned, the addict may react adversely to being confronted with their addiction and may lash out at the people who are trying to help them. That said, it is best to conduct this process with a small group of people who are close to the addicted person, all of whom genuinely want to help the addicted person seek out help and overcome their addiction. Additionally, you should conduct an addiction intervention in Illinois with the assistance of a trained professional that can be. These professionals, known as an interventionists, can be found at many Illinois addiction treatment centers.


Why Can Addiction Intervention in Illinois Be Dangerous Without Assistance?


Without the assistance of a professional, interventions can be somewhat dangerous. The unpredictable reactions of the person who is suffering from an addiction can be violent (though this is not the norm). Additionally, a professional will ensure that this process occurs when an addict is not under the influence of the addicted substance (very important) and that the process is productive rather than counterproductive, and does not cause the addicted person to binge even further.


Formal Addiction Intervention in Illinois


These are planned in advance. You gather up people closest to the addict and contact a professional interventionist to help you. All of you know the plan for the intervention and have a clear idea of how you plan to act and what you plan to say.


Informal Addiction Intervention in Illinois


This process is more casual and conversational. They often occur one-on-one, or between a few close friends or family members and the addicted person. These meetings are often unplanned and are less directly confrontational. A person may casually bring up the addiction and encourage the person to cut back, seek help, or the like.




There are various models that may be utilized in the planning process. Some of these models include:


. Direct Confrontation

. Indirect Confrontation


. Motivational Interviewing

. Systemic

. Forcible Intervention


If you consult with an interventionist before you perform it, they will be able to help you figure out the model that is most appropriate for the addicted person based on their personality and general demeanor.


Performing an addiction intervention in Illinois may seem like a daunting task. However, if you know what to do and you work together with a trained professional interventionist found at an Illinois treatment center, you will be able to encourage the addicted person you care about to get the help and treatment that they need to overcome their addiction.