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Family Therapy in Illinois
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Family Therapy in Illinois

Many people do not consider the importance of family therapy in Illinois in the addiction recovery process. Addiction is often thought to be an individual issue, but family members are also affected by addiction. As such, family therapy in Illinois can help to address those issues. So, before you begin your addiction treatment process, be sure you consider the many benefits that family therapy in Illinois may provide.


How Does and Addicted Family Member Affect Others Around Them?

A person who develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol do not only cause harm to themselves. All of the behavioral, mental, emotional, and even physical changes that they go through take a toll on those people who are closest to them as well. As such, family members of a person with a drug or alcohol addiction go through a great deal of difficulty, struggle, and pain as they try to help their family member who has developed an addiction.


There are numerous ways that an addicted family member may affect others around them. Oftentimes the financial and legal problems that come along with drug or alcohol addictions also adversely affect the family. Bailing the addicted loved one out of jail or picking him or her up from the drunk tank can cause major strife and emotional turmoil on family members. Additionally, the loss of financial stability can cause issues. Family members of an addicted person may also develop depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders as a result of the addiction and may lose their ability or willingness to trust their addicted loved one.  


Why is It Important for Family Members to Also Receive Treatment?

For all of the aforementioned reasons, it is vitally important for family members to also receive treatment at an Illinois rehabilitation center. Because family members are so adversely affected by the addiction their loved one has developed, they often need counseling of their own as well as with their recovering addict loved one.


Family therapy in Illinois will help to address all of the pain and suffering the family members have experienced as a result of their loved one’s addiction. This form of treatment and therapy will also help to rebuild a trusting relationship between family members and the addicted person. The trusting relationship will result in a strong support system form the recovering addict when the treatment process is complete, which in turn, will help to prevent relapse in the future.


What is the Family’s Role in the Addict’s Addiction?

Oftentimes, a person’s family may have played a role in their addiction development. This is mainly because family members refuse to acknowledge the addiction or confront the addict about it until it has been going on and developing for quite some time. Proving financial support to a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol or making excuses for them can also be considered enabling behavior that contributes to their addiction.


What is involved in Couples and Family Therapy in Illinois?

In family and couple’s therapy, family members and the recovering addict are all allowed to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns freely and openly. Airing their grievances can be cathartic and eye-opening and can help to break problematic behavioral and familial patterns. Exercises will help to rebuild trust, and together the recovering addict and their family will learn important relapse prevention techniques to avoid future substance abuse.


Continued care after rehabilitation for the family and the addict

After rehabilitation is complete, the family and the addict will need required care. Illinois support group meetings are one of the best ways that family members and addicts can continue to get help and support in dealing with addiction. There are specific meetings available exclusively for family members to attend and, of course, there are meetings for the addict to attend as well. Continued therapy may also be needed to continue to rebuild damaged relationships and develop trust.


Family therapy in Illinois is an important part of the drug or alcohol addiction recovery process. Be sure that you and your family both get the treatment and help you need to fully recover from your addiction and its effects.