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SMART Recovery in Illinois
treatment for addiction

SMART Recovery in Illinois

The SMART Recovery treatment option in Illinois works on an effective 4-point program that can help people recover from addictive behaviors. SMART Recovery in Illinois is an alternative treatment to the traditional 12-step programs that are often used in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Here are some facts about SMART recovery programs to consider before exploring your options for treatment at Illinois addiction treatment facilities.


What is SMART Recovery in Illinois?


SMART is an acronym for Self-Management and Recovery Training. The program is an international non-profit organization that provides one-on-one meetings as well as daily online meetings. A variety of treatment centers in Illinois offer the program at the facility and can help you achieve sobriety through the 4-point system.


The principles of the program are to provide addiction treatment that helps recovering addicts to maintain long term sobriety. SMART is a rational recovery program that teaches attendees how to change self-defeating emotions and behaviors. The program also teaches positive tools and techniques for self-directed change that lead towards improving self-esteem and self-image.


The Four Points of SMART Recovery in Illinois


The SMART Recovery program in Illinois focuses on a 4-point process. Those 4-points include:

  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  4. Living a balanced life


SMART Recovery in Illinois differs from traditional 12-step programs, such as the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) program, but doesn’t actually exclude them as valid forms of treatment. The principle behind SMART support groups is that they strongly believe each individual participant will have their own path to recovery.  


For some, therapy may include one-on-one counseling sessions coupled with SMART group meetings and other forms of behavioral therapy. For others, treatment may also require ongoing psychopharmacological treatment in the form of specific prescription medication to treat other aspects of the addiction.


Some participants may be encouraged to attend AA or NA group meetings that suit their own preferences and needs


Approach to SMART Recovery in Illinois


The SMART program uses principles of motivational interviewing, along with cognitive and behavioral methods to reduce the risk of relapse back into drug or alcohol use. Participants in the program are encouraged to learn how to gain independence from drug or alcohol addiction by way of a range of positive tools and techniques. The goal is to learn to overcome addictive behaviors and replace them with actions that lead to a balanced lifestyle.


Effective treatment for addiction needs to be tailored to suit each individual person’s addictive behaviors, as well as addressing the drug of addiction.  Many addiction rehab programs focus on the detox process, but don’t offer recovering addicts much in the way of ongoing therapy and training to prevent relapse.  


By comparison, the SMART treatment for addiction offers participants ongoing support and guidance about ways to maintain long-term sobriety by teaching principles of self-reliance.  The group provides meetings that are educational and supportive, but also include open discussions.


SMART programs support scientifically informed use of psychological treatments to recover from addiction. They also advocate the appropriate use of legally prescribed psychiatric and addiction medication.


Who Will Benefit from SMART Recovery in Illinois?


SMART Recovery in Illinois has been proven to be a highly effective treatment for substance abuse, alcohol abuse and other addictive behaviors. Training also works well to address treatment for any underlying mental health issues that may co-exist alongside the addiction.


How Is It Useful for Addiction Treatment?


Meetings are all intended to be supportive, but they also provide information about addiction that can be beneficial in helping recovering addicts understand the true nature of the disease. The group also provides extensive online resources for those wishing to learn more at their own pace. Recognition of addiction as a disease that requires ongoing treatment and management can play an important part in successful recovery. Explore your options for treatment in Illinois today and see just how much your or a loved one can benefit from this new approach to addiction recovery.