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Alternative Treatment in Illinois
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Alternative Treatment in Illinois

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and finding treatment in Illinois, many people do not know as much as they believe they do. In fact, most people do not know of the alternative treatment options in Illinois available to them for their drug or alcohol addiction. Alternative treatment for addiction in Illinois may be quite beneficial to recovering addicts who want comprehensive treatment and recovery. Before you choose your addiction recovery program, be sure that you consider your alternative treatment options in Illinois. An alternative treatment option in Illinois could help you or a loved one in ways that standard treatments could not.

What Is Alternative Addiction Treatment in Illinois?

Alternative addiction treatment in Illinois is a set of various different therapies and techniques that extend beyond the standard addiction treatment options and core programs. While standard practices such as medical detox and cognitive therapy have proven to be beneficial, sometimes these treatments do not do enough to help a person fully recover from their addiction. And, of course, people respond differently to different treatment options. Therefore, alternatives must be provided to accommodate all different needs of recovering addicts.


How Is Alternative Addiction Treatment in Illinois Beneficial for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

Alternative addiction treatment can help recovering addicts develop certain skills and coping mechanisms that will be beneficial to their overall addiction recovery and for preventing relapse in the future. These treatments take a different and less conventional approach to recovery that works well for many recovering addicts.


Different Alternative Addiction Treatment Options in Illinois

There are numerous alternative addiction treatment options in Illinois that a person can choose from for their addiction treatment. Oftentimes, these alternative treatments in Illinois are used simultaneously with conventional or traditional addiction treatment options. Some of these alternative options include:


Art Therapy


Art therapy is a form of alternative addiction therapy that focuses on a person’s emotional awareness and on developing viable and easily usable coping mechanisms for preventing relapse in the future. In art therapy, a recovering addict is encouraged to discuss and create art in various forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and the like. Through discussing and creating art, a recovering addict begins to develop an awareness of how the emotions they are experiencing will affect their output.


Oftentimes, people with addictions cannot properly identify the emotions they are experiencing. This makes identifying the root of their addiction impossible and this can be detrimental to relapse prevention. Art therapy helps with this by training a recovering addict to recognize their emotions in their own art, and helping them recognize the emotions of other people through art. When emotions can be identified, they can be properly channeled into activities such as the creation of art so that they can avoid future substance abuse and relapse.


Restorative Yoga


Restorative yoga helps to repair the relationship between a person’s mind and body. It also helps a person to be able to calm and focus their mind, clearing it of any thoughts of substance abuse and relapse. The connection between the mind and body helps a person to realize the consequences of their substance abuse and how their body responds to different thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Equine Therapy


Equine therapy is another form of Illinois alternative treatment that involves the development of emotional awareness. A recovering addict works directly with a horse in this form of treatment. Horses are extremely emotionally intuitive and aware. As such, if a recovering addict approaches the horse feeling aggressive, angry, sad, or other negative emotions, the horse will react negatively. This reaction helps the recovering addict to become more aware of their emotional output. Through various exercises and therapies with the horse, a recovering addict will also re-learn how to build trusting relationships with others. Because a horse has no malice and no ability to lie, building trust with a horse can be much easier than with a person to start with.


Be sure that you keep your alternative treatment options in Illinois in mind when you choose an addiction recovery program. You want to ensure that you get the most comprehensive and effective treatment possible.