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Medical Detox in Illinois
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Medical Detox in Illinois

Many people with drug or alcohol addictions believe that they can detox safely on their own. However, medical detox in Illinois is a far superior choice. A medical detox in Illinois is the safest detox program offered for numerous reasons. While many people have never heard of medical detox in Illinois, it is important to understand how the process works and how medical detox in Illinois can benefit you.


What Is Medical Detox in Illinois?

When a person with a drug or alcohol addiction decides to seek out treatment and overcome their addiction, there are numerous steps that they need to take. However, the first step in any addiction recovery process is also one of the most important. This is detoxification and it is the initial process of ridding the body of toxins accumulated through extensive drug and/or alcohol abuse. It also involves dealing with the ways in which the body and mind react to being denied the substance they are addicted to. These reactions constitute dangerous withdrawals that require the assistance of highly trained medical professionals at an Illinois treatment facility.  


How Does Medical Detox in Illinois Work?

This process works by dealing primarily with a person’s physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. The physical addiction that the addict has to the substance develops based on the reactions the substance has with the nervous system and the brain when it enters the bloodstream. Drugs and alcohol send various signals to the nervous system and the brain to tell them how to act and what to do. With enough drug or alcohol abuse, these body parts adjust to the drug being in the body regularly and will wait to act certain ways until the drug tells them to. They essentially forget how to function without the drug. This is chemical dependence (physical addiction).

Detoxification denies the brain and nervous system the addicted substance and therefore forces them to try to relearn how to function alone. This process can be done gradually or slowly in a medical detox setting in Illinois. The gradual process is accomplished when a doctor carefully controls and monitors the patient and administers specific prescription drugs at important moments during the process.


Why Is It Important To Detox Slowly Rather Than Abruptly?

The gradual process of detoxification is far superior to an abrupt or sudden detox. When a person goes through medical detox in Illinois and detoxes gradually, they do not shock their system with the sudden denial of the effects the addicted substance has. Shocking the system can lead to severe withdrawals and even organ damage or failure. A slow detox helps to better control and manage withdrawal symptoms and works to better avoid damage to vital organs.


Why Is It Dangerous To Detox At Home?

Detoxing at home is dangerous because it is a sudden (abrupt) form of detoxification. It is also done at a distance from doctors and medical care. This means that is major withdrawal symptoms occur or the person suffers sudden organ damage or failure, they will be in mortal jeopardy and too far from a doctor’s care to get the treatment they need.


What Are Some Symptoms Of Withdrawal?


Meth Withdrawal

. Paranoia

. Anxiety and aggression

. Depression

. Extreme tiredness and lethargy


Alcohol Withdrawal

. Nausea and vomiting

. Profuse sweating and shakiness

. Seizures

. Fever


Heroin Withdrawal

. Severe aches and pains

. Abdominal cramping

. Insomnia and sleep disturbances

. Seizures and tremors


How Does Detox Trigger Relapse Without Treatment?

When a person goes through detoxification without continuing on with treatment, they leave themselves at a decided disadvantage. This is because addiction is both physical and mental, and detoxification only deals with the physical side of the process. Because of this disadvantage, a person is highly likely to relapse almost immediately after they complete the process. After all, they are still mentally and emotionally addicted to the substance.

On the other hand, if a person goes directly into treatment after they undergo detoxification (as it occurs in a residential treatment facility), then they will be able to deal with the physical and mental addiction they have to drugs or alcohol before they attempt to reenter the real world. This helps to prevent relapse and to give the recovering addict the best chance at long-term sobriety.

Medical detox in Illinois is the safe option when undergoing addiction recovery. When you begin you treatment process at an Illinois addiction treatment center, be sure you enquire about their available programs in order to ensure an optimal rehabilitation experience.