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Outpatient Rehab in Illinois
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Outpatient Rehab in Illinois

When some people think about rehabilitation, they picture residential treatment facilities where patients are strictly monitored 24 hours a day. While this type of intensive inpatient rehab is one method, it is not the only choice patients and their families have. Outpatient rehab programs in Illinois can be just as effective under the right circumstances, and many men and women are choosing this type of rehab as their treatment option of choice.  


If you or someone you care about has been struggling with substance abuse, it is important to review all of your rehab options. That means looking at local residential treatment facilities, but it also means exploring outpatient rehab in Illinois and seeing what it has to offer.


Outpatient rehab in Illinois can be an excellent choice for many addicts, and many family members actually prefer the outpatient rehab model to a more intensive course of treatment. No matter what the nature of the substance abuse issue, it is important to look at all sides of the rehab picture.


Who is a Good Candidate for Outpatient Rehab in Illinois?

While outpatient addiction treatment can be an excellent choice for addicts and their families, some people are better candidates than others. Outpatient rehab in Illinois is a particularly good fit for clients suffering from a milder form of addiction. If you suspect that someone you love is developing a substance abuse problem, getting them into an outpatient addiction treatment program early on can increase the odds of success.

There are also some people for whom outpatient addiction treatment may not be a good fit. Patients who lack a solid support system at home may not benefit from this type of treatment, since success relies in large part on the support of family and friends.

Outpatient treatment may also not be as effective for patients suffering from a moderate to severe addiction. Men and women who are severely addicted or have a strong physical dependency may do better in an inpatient residential rehab facility than an outpatient treatment center.

How Can Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab in Illinois Work Together?

Inpatient and outpatient rehab in Illinois are not always mutually exclusive. Given the right set of circumstances, these two forms of treatment can be complimentary.

A course of outpatient addiction treatment can help men and women who have recently completed a residential course of treatment. Outpatient counseling can help those patients gradually transition to life after rehab while shielding them from premature temptation and the risk of relapse.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

While outpatient addiction rehab can be effective for a wide range of patients, it is particularly well suited for certain types of patients. The ideal candidate for outpatient addiction rehab is someone who has a strong desire to stay sober and remain drug free for a lifetime.

That ideal candidate should also have a strong support network at home. Patients who lack the support of friends or family, or those whose friends are still using drugs, may not do as well in an outpatient treatment setting. Those patients may be better off with other forms of drug rehab treatment – like a residential facility or hospital setting.


What Are the Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Rehab?

Outpatient rehab in Illinois has a number of important benefits for clients and their patients. This type of rehab is often more affordable than a residential treatment facility, and it gives patients the opportunity to uphold their responsibilities at home. Participants in an outpatient treatment program can continue to work and earn a paycheck. They can also maintain their family obligations, while learning the skills they need to stay sober after the initial course of rehab is over.


What Comes After Outpatient Rehab in Illinois?

What happens in outpatient rehab in Illinois is important, but what happens next is just as vital. All patients leaving the treatment facility should have the coping skills and tools they need to reenter society and become a productive member of the world.


Outpatient rehab options in Illinois give patients the strength they need to abstain from substance abuse with the support of family and friends. Clients who complete the outpatient treatment program may be directed to local facilities where they can obtain ongoing support, peer counseling and family therapy. Overcoming a substance abuse problem is a lifelong commitment, and the struggle continues long after the initial course of rehab has ended. Be equipped to deal with these challenges with the help of Illinois addiction recovery centers.