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Sober Living in Illinois
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Sober Living in Illinois

When it comes to addiction treatment and recovery, sober living in Illinois has much to offer. In fact, in order to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse, sober living is often a necessity. These communities can provide those who have struggled with substance abuse a sober network of support in Illinois, and a place to transition back to society in peace.  


Defining Sober Living in Illinois: What You Should Know

Sober living in Illinois is a concept that many people do not understand. This is primarily because most people have a general misunderstanding of drug or alcohol addiction and the treatments that these conditions require. Addiction is not something that a person can overcome in one easy step in a day or two. Like any medical condition, it takes time to recover from an addiction. It also takes a great deal of treatment and support. Think about it this way, if a person has cancer, they cannot expect to get one dose of chemo and be cured for life. Overcoming cancer takes several rounds of treatment over time and often combines several treatments as well as aftercare to ensure continued health and wellbeing. The same is true of proper addiction treatment.


When a person goes through detox and then rehab, they often think that they are completely done with the addiction treatment process and are ready to just jump back into their regular life and freedom. However, full freedom can oftentimes be far more overwhelming to a recovering addict than they know. And this is where sober living comes in. Sober living facilities in Illinois serve as a stop along the way to fully reintegrating into life after addiction. It offers far more freedom than rehab, allowing recovering addicts to go back to work and interact more with their family, but only during designated daytime times. Hence there is freedom with structure and accountability. This structure keeps a person on track towards recovery and maintained sobriety, but allows them to begin to take responsibility for their actions in real world situations.


Why Stay In a Sober Living Facility in Illinois?

Staying in a sober community in Illinois helps a person to begin to adjust from the strict control of rehab to a life of freedom and self-efficacy. It is a way to make the transition gradual rather than sudden. Sudden changes in life situations can cause a recovering addict to slip and relapse because life and stress can get far too overwhelming to deal with. Sudden freedom can easily cause a person to slip back into old habits and routines that are not healthy or that contribute to substance abuse rather than sobriety.


Who Should Live In a Sober Home in Illinois?

Everyone who has gone through addiction treatment should live in a sober home. The benefits of sober homes far outweigh the potential costs or inconvenience.


What It Is Like To Live In a Sober Living Community in Illinois

In a sober community, a person can expect to receive a great deal of understanding and support. On days that are difficult where an addict is truly struggling to abstain from drugs or alcohol, they will have people to talk to that can relate and provide helpful guidance rather than judgment. This support system will also help each other to grow as people in their self-awareness and self-esteem. Every person in a sober home will be accountable to their housemates to remain sober and will be expected to do so. There are strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to be a part of the community as well. And every member of the household will need to contribute in active ways (i.e. help maintain the home).


Understanding the Benefits of Staying In a Sober Community

There are innumerable benefits to staying in a sober community. First and foremost, it combines a large number of benefits of staying in a treatment center and of independent living. There is freedom combined with structure. Sober home living also provides a recovering addict with a safe and friendly environment in which to work at abstaining from drug or alcohol abuse that comes complete with a supportive peer group. And, sober homes allow a person to practice the tasks and skills they will need to be successfully sober in an independent living situation.

Now that you better understand this form of transitional living, you can see how this is the best option for any person with an addiction after completing rehab. When you plan your treatment program, be sure to explore your options for sober living in Illinois.